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Hi.  My name is Sharon Roth, and I am a Doctor of Oriental Medicine in Las Vegas, Nevada.  This page is meant to share a bit about myself, my background, and my approach to your healthcare.


I began my journey towards Chinese Medicine by becoming interested in whole foods, nutrition and natural wellness at a young age.  After graduating with my bachelor’s degree, I was unsure of what I should pursue in graduate school (though coming from an academic family, going to graduate school was a given).  So I traveled abroad and tried to gain some work experience to see what would be a good fit for me.  I worked for awhile in a health food store (as I had been shopping in them since improving my diet a decade before), and found myself consistently amazed that customers walked in on a daily basis with questions regarding complicated health issues, looking to me, a young clerk, for answers.  When I’d suggest they ask their doctors these questions, as I was not qualified to dispense medical advice, they would always say that their doctors didn’t know any options other than drugs or surgery, or that their doctors rarely spent more than 5 minutes with them in an appointment and there wasn’t time to discuss alternatives.  After many months of this I decided that there was a great need out there for a different type of healthcare, one that put the patient first, listened to her needs and provided the least-invasive solution.  


I chose Oriental Medicine among the many complementary medical disciplines out there for many reasons:  first, I was attracted to its long, uninterrupted history of successful use.  I figured that after thousands of years of development and fine-tuning, they must have something worthy of attention.  Second, I appreciated how Chinese Medicine has such potential to help and so little risk of harm—making it that much easier to adhere to my Hippocratic oath!  Third, I wanted to do something that was portable---with a simple box of needles I could continue to be of service whether I were in my office, visiting family in Chicago or camping in the mountains.


Since the day I matriculated into graduate school, Chinese Medicine has become not just a career, but my passion. I have been in private practice since 1997, and every day I am still eager to come to work.   I feel completely blessed to have found a way to help other people so dramatically while at the same time promoting my own growth and development.  Learning Chinese Medicine, which stems from a different worldview than what most of us are familiar with, challenges our traditional way of thinking of and experiencing ourselves and our world.  It is truly a holistic discipline, and so it integrates spiritual, emotional and physical health and requires me to constantly work on and within myself to maintain my own balance.  I am so very lucky to be able to bring this incredibly useful, dynamic, beautiful art and science to people to help them better their own wellness and quality of life.   

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