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The practice of Oriental medicine, a complete medical system originating thousands of years ago, includes acupuncture, carefully tailored herbal prescriptions, massage, nutrition, tai chi exercises and other healing modalities.  All these techniques are exceptionally safe, nontoxic, and generally without side effects.  According to the NIH Consensus Statement on Acupuncture, “The occurrence of adverse events in the practice of acupuncture has been documented to be extremely low.” Concurrently, the NIH has verified that acupuncture is helpful in the treatment of problems as varied as morning sickness to tennis elbow.  Oriental Medicine has proven its value time and time again in its safety, efficacy, and cost-effectiveness.


Oriental Medicine seeks to balance the body’s Qi, or vital energies, along the specific pathways in which it circuits through the body.  Various pathogens, blockages, and deficiencies of Qi lead to discomfort and disease.  By inserting super-thin, sterile needles into the skin at precise points, Dr. Sharon Roth, OMD, redirects and harmonizes the flow of Qi, allowing the body’s wisdom to return it to a state of health. A common misconception is that acupuncture merely blocks a person’s pain response, no more useful than popping a vicodin.  The truth, however, is that with the techniques of Oriental Medicine, we are treating the root of the problem and trying to actually restore health, which is what resolves the pain.  The goal with all treatment is not just to make you pain free, but to actually help you regain good health. 


Because Oriental Medicine takes into account a person’s emotional self, lifestyle and predisposing constitution, each individual is recognized as unique, an evolving picture of physical and emotional characteristics, and much more than just a compilation of lab results.  Oriental Medicine, validated by time, clinical results and scientific research, is truly on the cutting edge of mindbody medicine.  It has proven useful for millions of people, so call for a free consultation to see if it may be useful for you, too.

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